Our meetings are temporaroly at Hillside Park Community Center at 1151 Winola Road – Clarks Summit, PA. 18411 Thursday Nights  It is required by the state that we don't have any more than 25 people in the community center at a time. So the plan is to divide the troop in half. The first group meeting will start promptly at 7:00. This group is made up of scouts in the two patrols of younger scouts, typically 13 years old and younger.

The second group, which is made up of all the older scouts, will meet outside the community center in the parking lot.  at 7:45. At this time the younger group will also go outside for announcements. The whole troop will be there, outside the community center,  to hear announcements. This ensures that everyone is hearing the same thing as to the plans for upcoming events etc. Once announcements are finished the younger scouts can leave and the older scouts will go inside to conduct their meeting.

The list for the first group of scouts, meeting at Hillside Community Center at
 7:00,  is as follows:

Ethan Cutillo
Isaac Darling
Jesse Dzikowski
Connor Gerken
Logan Heaney
Zackary Kinney
Colton Knott
James Mitchell
Wade Nelson
Kamil Rutty
Charlie Stampien
Raphael Thomas
Jacob Walters
Derek Williams

The list for the second group of scouts meeting at
Hillside Community Center at 7:45 is as follows:

Alex Blakiewicz
Jacob Breckinridge
Nick Carey
Finn Goldberg
Justin Hopkins
Dane Johnson
Chris Kelleher
Abhinav Palle
Pranav Palle
Gordy Sebring
Austin Stankowski
Ethan Stankowski
Lucas Stankowski
Logan Zdaniewicz

The following Scouts are in the leadership patrol and depending on role, will be attending both meetings.

Alex Nole - SPL
Steven Johns  - ASPL
Seth Blakiewicz - ASPL
Connor Tone
Braxton Lowe

In addition to the Scouts who will be meeting in the
Hillside Community Center we need to make provision for a group of adults in each session and keep the total headcount below 25. Mr. and Mrs. Schlosser, Mr. Hughes, Mr. D'Elia, Mr. Jones, Mr. Stankowski, and I will need to be in the room to some degree to conduct normal troop business, advancement, etc. So, we will need to be flexible in figuring out who can be in the church on any given day.

It is extremely important that we recognize that wearing masks and social distancing, to prevent the transmission of COVID - 19, while in the church is critical.

I'm looking forward to working with all of you on learning how we continue Scouting through these difficult times for the next few months!